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I wanted to talk about how to finance a home and pay the least amount of interest using budgeting. Budgeting is something that we all do in varying degrees.  Some of us will put cash aside for school fees or a holiday.  Others to purchase a car.  Whatever your reason for budgeting, it is important that you use this cash to your advantage.  You should always have your cash working for you, even if the purpose of that cash is to pay for something else.

Banks have been around for a long time.  They have experienced massive booms as well as massive crashes!  Yet throughout all of this (especially in Australia) banks have remained profitable.  Over the years, banks have built formulas around the different types of lending scenarios that have come across their desks.  In each of these formulas the banks have applied what they have learnt in their many years of operation.   It is these formulas (and their relationship to using property as an investment) that I want to discuss today.


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