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What are the different ways that you can compare home loans?  You could walk into all of the different banks that are out there.  By the time you make your way around to all 6 or 7 different bank branches, wait in line to see somebody and they force their products onto you, you will have wasted a lot of time and energy!  Further more you will have only gained a very small insight into the lenders available to you.  You will then have to go through all of the information that they have given you, and decide which one suits your needs the best.  You may not be clear on everything being offered, so you may have to go back to the branch and double check which waists more time and energy.  At the end of the day, you won’t have been able to confirm the lenders policy as this isn’t promoted in the glossy sales brochures, so you still don’t really know if the product that you have selected is the right product for you.  So what about searching on line?  This is much more convenient , you can get onto a comparison website and compare all of the different loans available.  Whilst this sounds easier to do, you will only be given answers based on the boxes you tick.  So the outcome is pre determined.  The down side to this is that everybody  and every situation is different, so the product that the website suggests may not be the ideal product for you, plus you still have no idea about the lenders’ policy behind the product.


The only way that you can have convenience, choice and advice is to talk to a lending expert, a mortgage broker.  We at rook finance for example will come out and see you.  We are experts in loan strategy, so the advice we offer is second to none in this segment.  With 30 different lenders on our panel, we also have great home loan products to compare!  And naturally we know the policy behind the product, so we can save you time and money by getting the right fit the first time!   


Choose from some of the best home loan interest rates

How many banks are there for you to choose from? rook finance has 30! Our lenders have low home loan interest rates, flexible policy and great product features! We will find you the perfect loan to go with your perfect dream home!

Your dream home could be your very own castle, or it may be a cute little beach shack. You may be eligible for one of the best variable home loan interest rates available, require a combination of low fixed home loan interest rates and variable rates, or if you are building, you may need to apply for a construction loan in Melbourne. We will develop the loan strategy that it right for you. With an extensive panel of Australia’s most competitive lenders, rook finance is best positioned to help you.

Whether you are buying your first home, your next home, adding on an extension, renovating or refinancing your Variable, Fixed, Construction Loans, etc. we will sit down with you and discuss your circumstances, then apply an efficient loan strategy that will effectively achieve your dreams.

We can explain all of the jargon, fees, fine print and help you find the most suitable loan for you.

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